What's Your Purpose? 

This is a question that all of us ask ourselves. We wonder where we have to go in this world. What difference do we have to make? Allow me to help you along your journey. It's the reason why you have come to visit me, today.


I am Coach Toni

Nearly 20 years ago, I began a quest to not be bored and broke while taking care of a newborn, newly married, and a recent graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. I asked many for help starting a business and no one would help me without charging astronomical prices for consultation. I PRAYED. I told God that if He helped me, taught me, led me to start a business, I would help others. This is where my story of my first consulting business began, but it was not the beginning of my story.

I have been a trusted advisor and consultant for many nonprofit leaders around the Nation and abroad. I have raised millions of dollars for nonprofits, public and private institutions, and guided businesses to growth exceeding revenue goals. Allow me the pleasure to help you harness your God-given POWER, WORK efficiently, gather and build RESOURCES, and PRODUCE IN ABUNDANCE.


I believe that there is power to change in every individual. When we develop passion for an a particular audience of people or cause, power is ignited.

That fire that burns in us needs to be fueled and pointed in the right direction in order to affect positive social change in their communities, nations and the world.

We are change agents. We acknowledge the burning and pour strategy,  resources, encouragement and hope into the visions of organizations to help them to prosper others.


Founding, developing and growing a nonprofit organization or business is hard work! I understand. I have experience in purely working alongside grassroots nonprofit organizations, businesses and public institutions such as colleges and universities, social service public charities, mental health organizations, youth advocacy organizations and many more to accomplish their missions.

My team and I assist you in your work to make it easier to live for your mission.


I provide the necessary resources for creating positive social change including education, partnerships, assistance in fundraising, and collaborations with organizations that are prospering in their missions.

Produce in Abundance

I believe in producing that hard work, harnessing power through experience, education, and passion, and utilizing resources ultimately produce in abundance. Yes! Isn't that what you are here for? I am, too! Let's make this vision happen together.

My Story

I grew up in a low-income neighborhood, number 5 of 6 children, with a Mother that loved me dearly (she was my best friend). Growing up, I experienced poverty, addiction, trauma, and hardship first-hand.

As a child, I always saw people for who they were and always was a helper and a teacher. I tutored my first student when I was just in fifth grade. I taught him to read.

Someone once told me that I was born to be a teacher. That position was fitting at the moment and fits who I am today. 

With all my heart, all I want to do is teach people how to be the best at their gifts, give those gifts to help others, and serve God while doing so.


"Toni has a special way of helping me activate my natural abilities as a development officer."

- Don, Development Officer

"You're not getting a coach. It's actually like you're getting a HIGHLY- SKILLED EXECUTIVE on your team to alleviate pressure and make sure EVERYTHING is done quickly and with a lot less stress on your shoulders."

- Couleen, Marchen Sagen Academy

"Toni has been pivotal in my development as a grant consultant."

- Dearonda, June First Firm

Why I Do It

In service to others, I won't let my testimony coming from poverty, addiction, trauma, and hardship be in vain.

As a nonprofit coach, I teach and am rewarded as I see others help thousands in their life's work and operation in the gifts. I can help you, too. 

Join a community of successful nonprofit leaders today and make a significant, lasting difference in the lives of others, realize your PURPOSE, today.


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