Coaching Programs and Courses

Nonprofit Leaders, have you ever wondered where you would be in leading your nonprofit organization if you only had a coach to help you along the way?

New and Aspiring Grant Consultants, what if you knew someone personally… that had the necessary skills and education to teach and coach you on how you might have a successful grant writing career?

New Nonprofit Development Consultants, wouldn’t it be extraordinary to know and be coached by someone that knows the ins and outs of being a nonprofit development consultant?

 I have some incredible news for each of you. I can help you with all your nonprofit aspirations. Check out these comprehensive and engaging, one-on-one, and group coaching programs below.

Courses and Coaching For

Nonprofit Organizations

Growth School for Nonprofits Course

Empower yourself, your staff, and your board and learn how to build revenue streams for your nonprofit organization that will support its operations now and provide sustainability for the future in this 6-week course.

BONUS: Plus, You get 2 bonus weeks for coaching, questions and follow-up after you finish the course! Yes! 8 WHOLE WEEKS!

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Nonprofit Development


Many times nonprofit leaders need guidance that is strategically unique to their cause. We can help.

Our coaching program opens bi-annually and can only receive 10 nonprofits per cohort. Get started today.

Note: If you are in the beginning stages of your nonprofit, you may need our First Steps Coaching Program. Book a consultation first.
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Coaching and Courses For Consultants

 Grant Consultant Coaching Program

Explore your grant writing gift and learn new skills, build your grant writing business and learn how to become profitable quickly in this 3-month intensive course and coaching program.

Coming soon in 2023!

Nonprofit Development Consultant Coaching Program

Are you a discerner of charitable passion? Are you a lover of helping nonprofits succeed? Acquire the necessary skills to grow your nonprofit development consulting business and increase your revenue.

Coming soon in 2023!

Nonprofit Development

Consultant 101

This is the prerequisite course that is offered in conjunction with the Nonprofit Development Consultant Coaching Program.

Coming soon in 2023! 

Grant Consultant 101

This course is a much sought after course. It is finally here to answer all of your needs as a grant consultant.

This is the prerequisite course that is offered in conjunction with the Grant Consultant Coaching Program.

Coming soon in 2023! 

If you have already completed your first consultation, register here for the First Steps Nonprofit Coaching Program by Coach Toni.

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